18 Feb 2018 - Guyana (Georgetown)

James Whitmee

I am in Georgetown which is the capital of Guyana. I am gradually working my way along this coast as I was in the neighbouring country, Suriname (former Dutch Guyana), last year.

Today I was out and about, walking the streets in the centre of the city and getting to understand the activity. The retail areas around Stabroek Market and the top end of Regent Street are bustling, but further north and up towards the Marriott Hotel it is very quiet and you see few people on the streets.

I got to see a lot of the sights, and below there is selection of photographs I took of some of the landmarks. The old colonial architecture is mostly of wood construction and some of it is monumental (see the City Hall building below). A lot of the buildings are not used and are in a poor condition, although most are having work done on them currently.

The real estate market has been depressed for a number of year, but is now spiking. It has been boosted by the entry of the oil companies (ExxonMobil, Schlumberger, Tullow Oil, etc). It will be interesting to see how things pan out, as Guyana is the third poorest country in the region, but it may become the region’s biggest oil producer in the next decade.

A good quality ex-pat house here currently leases for USD 3,000-5,000 /month, and a similar apartment would be USD 3,000-3,500 /month. The best offices lease for the equivalent of USD 3 /sq ft /month.

Georgetown 1

Georgetown Lighthouse which was built at the beginning of the 19th Century

Georgetown 3

Promenade Gardens with the Victorian bandstand

Georgetown 2

Gothic-revival City Hall on Avenue of the Republic

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